A 25-Year Perspective from Coatec India's Founding Partner

It was in 1992 that Coatec India was established in Chandigarh and in this year 2017, we celebrate 25 years in the service of the coating industry.

Coatec India was started with a novel concept. Old used nonstick coated utensils, past their useful life, were collected, cleaned, given a fresh coat of nonstick coating and returned to the owner with a one year warranty. That was just the first step. We added a nonstick coating of biscuit molding rollers which led to coating of industrial rubber molds. And so, the journey progressed.

In 2001, Coatec India became the first Indian company to design, manufacture and install a small epoxy CED coating line. Before that, there was no other supplier for such systems in India. Not only did Coatec start a fresh chapter in Indian industry, it became the fulcrum for automotive component manufacturers CED coating needs. To date 36 CED coating systems have been supplied all over the country.

We have designed, manufactured and installed equipment for Chemlok™ rubber to metal bonding coating, Glide coating, dip spin coating amongst others.

In February 2017, Coatec India shipped out the 25th 40’ high cube container to Valdemar Birn, Denmark. This marked the culmination of manufacture of a highly-sophisticated pre-treatment, epoxy Ecoat and powder coating line. With this Coatec India became the first company in India to export a CED coating line.

In these 37 coating lines, we have used some of the cutting edge technologies which were never used in India before and in a vast majority of cases still not used in the industry. This does not count the large number of special purpose coating equipment that we designed, manufactured and supplied.

These twenty-five years have not been smooth sailing. Coatec was the first domestic company to develop plasma profile cutting with a rapid speed of 20 m/minute. Despite using technology from Germany and USA, we failed miserably in its marketing.

This did not deter us. We forayed into Solar PV technology, partnering with Bosch Solar, subsequently Solar World. For the second time, we lost our way.

But we bounce back. This year, we have launched a patented product for the household kitchen – The ‘Lava Gas Tandoor’ - listed on Amazon and Flipkart web sites.  We are in the process of completing the installation and commissioning of the first integrated PT, epoxy CED, Powder coating line in Denmark. We have our eyes, firmly set, to provide cost effective solutions to the coating industry in the rest of the world.

I look forward to an ever better future.

Contact Coatec India:

Gurvin Singh, Partner
F-79, Industrial Area, Phase 7
Sector 73, Johali - 160 055
Punjab, India



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